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18th Annual Tea at the Vicarage Report
Howe Military Academy
Howe, IN
July 25, 2010

Reported by Kai Shepherd

The weather on the morning of the Tea rally was a little questionable, dark clouds to the North West and a few sprinkles here and there. Roger's great optimism parted the clouds and a very beautiful driving day was in store for the 21 & 1 cars that started the rally.

I say, '& 1', because as I settled in for a nap as the rally was about to start, Roger kicked my chair and tossed me the keys to his Mini Cooper convertible. Roger had found a navigator without a car and his car without a driver. Quickly, he put the two of us together and we pulled to the back of the line for the 11 A.M. start.

With our directions, and questions to answer, in hand, the line of LB cars started out at 1 minute intervals. It didn't take long for one car to make a wrong turn just 100 yards from the start but he must have found his way as we crossed paths several times over the 69.7 mile rally course. I can only wonder at what the Amish thought of the 21 & 1 LC cars that crisscrossed the beautiful Indiana country side.

We all gathered back on the lawn by the Vicarage for a 3 P.M. picnic lunch. (I didn't come prepared, so McDonald's for me) Everyone made it back safe and sound but I did hear one driver say that he didn't make any wrong turns but his odometer showed that he had driven 90 miles. LBCs? Roger was going over the answers to the driving questions and 2 stick in my mind. I felt sorry for Larry and Will Palguta because the college logo we were looking for was IU and the willow tree seems to have grown an eye during the last week.

Thanks to all who braved the morning weather and special thanks to Roger for another great "Tea at the Vicarage".

Award Winners

1st. Bob & Trudy Batjes. - Elkhart, IN

2nd. Bruce & Becky Woodward. - Warsaw, IN

3rd. Roy & Polly Alvarez – Maumee, OH

4th. This is the award for the worst score. 4 tickets to "Happiness is Ice Cream" to
new members Alan & Irene DeGenhart. – Bristol, IN

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