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Who We Are

Well, the obvious is we're a British Car Club. Most of our members have cars that they have restored, or are in the process of doing so (we're always in the prosess of doing so). But you don't have to own a British car to belong to our club. You just have to be a British car enthusiast!

We have numerous members from all ages and walks of life. Not to mention all of the marques our members own. Our club has been together since 1995. We try to meet once a month throughout the year. Come summer, we are packed just about every weekend for events, shows, tours and runs. Check out our Welcome Letter to see the many activities we have throughout each year.

Being a Michiana Brits member is being with an extended family. We take care of each other and our cars, and have an Eastern Chapter with local activities. Please drop us an e-mail for further information or questions you may have or attend one of our next meetings. We are always glad to hear from fellow British car enthusiasts.

If you have questions for our Vice President of Activities, Philip Wiltshire, or Secretary, Larry Palguta, please feel free to send them an email.

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